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Transmission Flushes vs Service

What’s the Difference Between a Transmission Flush and a Transmission Service?

Although many mechanics suggest that a transmission flush is just as good as having a transmission serviced, the truth is that this advice can be foolhardy.

To understand transmission service needs, you need to know that all automatic transmissions do a good job of generating two things: debris and heat. Metallic debris is very harmful to modern transmissions since they are controlled by solenoids that are made from electromagnetic components.

And although the automatic transmission is fitted with a filter that is tasked with trapping debris and cleaning the transmission fluid running through it, filters do tend to fail. Over time, filters that ordinarily block metallic debris and other debris from passing through to the transmission become clogged with this debris. The flow of this transmission becomes blocked when debris builds up, which can spell big trouble for the transmission since the fluid is needed to lubricate, clean, and cool the transmission.

When the transmission is flushed, the old fluid is pushed out of the transmission and the new fluid is pushed in. The debris in the filter still remains, and to make things worse, flushing tends to stir up the debris in the transmission pan, exacerbating the problem and making the filter even less functional.


Keep in mind that the fluid that is exchanged during transmission flushing passes via the filter, so if the filter is clogged, nothing will be moved that cannot get through the filter. Thus, flushing is essentially a means to an end and can actually end up causing damage to your transmission.


Full transmission service is the best option. Proper transmission service involves removing the transmission pan, inspecting and cleaning the transmission’s internal parts, and replacing the filter if the transmission calls for a replaceable filter type.

Transmissions with bands get a band adjustment during full service, and bolts are tightened properly. The process is much more involved than a simple and ineffective transmission flush.


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