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Free Transmission Diagnostics in Raleigh

Let the experts at Affordable Transmission run a Free Diagnostic of your Transmission. Our staff specializes in Transmission work and has more experience with transmissions than any other shop in Raleigh.


We have over 60 years of combined experience in our shop. Our Transmission Staff knows what to look for in order for you to get all the information about what is going on inside your transmission.​


Scan test-Check if any codes exist and all circuits are working correctly. There are hundreds of functions that work through your car’s computer that we check before doing any repairs.​

Checking if solenoids are working properly. Sensors work in conjunction with the specific manufactures original equipment condition.

Condition of Transmission fluid is very important to make an assessment of what has been going on inside your transmission.​

Finally of course is a test drive. We will have a very experienced staff member drive your car to evaluate its performance under normal driving conditions.

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transmission filter.jpeg

After we have checked your car, there are typically three different determinations we will come to:​

1 – No Transmission Issue – We often find that some engine problems can feel like a Transmission issue.  Regardless, our free diagnostic check will reveal what is going on under your hood, and we will then advise you on the best way to proceed. Sometimes a bad spark plug can give the car a shudder that may feel like your transmission. This is common in Fords.​

2 – Minor Transmission Problem – These kinds of repairs do not require the complete removal of your transmission. Not having to remove the unit will reduce both the costs and the time needed to fix the problem. This could be as simple as a *leak, solenoid, or sensor replacement. We service a lot of cars in this category. (*May require actual removal of transmission in some cases*)​

3 – Major Transmission Repair – Requires removal of the transmission and major overhaul of internal components. The basic causes of a major transmission failure can include Time, years, and mileage. Over time, conditions like heat, leaks, heavy traffic driving, excessive mileage, lack of regular service and towing can contribute to the factors which lead to failure of the internal parts of the transmission.

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There are 200 to 300 internal parts and components inside the typical transmission on the road today. Gears, Planetary, Drums, Pumps, Seals, Clutches, Bushings, Bearings, Bands, Filters, and Gaskets are just a few of the multiple items that make up the most complex system in your car, The Transmission.


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