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Typical Transmission Problems

Transmission problems can occur in any make, model, or year of the vehicle, and correcting these problems can be as simple as replacing a defective solenoid or as complex as overhauling the entire transmission.

Symptoms of Transmission Trouble

The most common symptoms of transmission problems include slipping, which is characterized by a notable delay between the time the driver shifts into gear and when the gear actually engages. Transmissions can also overheat, causing a burnt smell along with stuttering when accelerating. Another common sign of transmission trouble is leaking that appear below the vehicle between the wheels, shaking while shifting, and grinding noises while changing gears.

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Causes of Raleigh Transmission Problems


Transmissions are one the most complex systems on any vehicle, making it challenging to diagnose the cause of problems without the proper training, tools, and experience.

All transmissions require specialized lubricating fluid to help prevent metal corrosion and prevent overheating.

When the seals and gaskets in the transmission fail, this fluid can leak out leading to low transmission fluid which can cause the transmission to overheat and in some cases, even seize up completely.

Other causes of transmission leaks can include metal fatigue in the transmission pan, failure of the fasteners or punctured transmission fluid lines.

Failure of the transmission solenoid can also be problematic since this is what controls the flow of the transmission fluid. When the solenoid fails, the transmission may be starved of fluid, leading to premature wear and grinding between the metal components.

Clutch & Torque Converter

Both automatic and standard transmissions use a clutch, and when this clutch begins to wear down, the driver will experience difficulty shifting the vehicle between gears. The clutch is located within the torque converter, making it vital to seek immediate attention when clutch problems are suspected to prevent damage to the torque converter.

On newer vehicles that make extensive use of onboard computers, transmission problems can be caused by a sensor failure, like the digital speed sensor or malfunction of the throttle location sensor.

Whenever transmission problems are suspected it’s important to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic right away.

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